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Our Commitment

We're not just selling products and gear, we're taking 10% of all profit and putting it towards education (like Tuttle Twins books for kids), podcast and community engagement, small business grants and other causes we're passionate about.  Rest is treated as any other company would treat their profits.  If you know a cause that is in need of our help and deserves it, we'd love to hear about it!

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But why do some of your things come from China, Taiwan, etc?.  Being American has nothing to do with only getting things from here, it has to do with working towards something collectively with people that share similar values of working towards something more.  So while we try to source what we can here locally and eventually plan to build a plant here to accommodate that, we also understand that USA does not have the infrastructure or cost effectiveness and all our products would double in cost.  We do partner with local print companies and small shops here in the USA for fulfillment as we believe in helping patriot families here in their goals of the American dream, if you have a company that can make products 100% in the USA we would love to speak to you.

Also we always commit to be 100% transparent, unlike some sheep claiming to be lions;

"SeanWhalen, were slapped with a $211,335 fine last week after the FTC found the company removed “Made in China” tags, replacing them with fake “Made in the USA” labels, according to a FTC news release. The fine comes on the heels of a complaint filed by the FTC in May."

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Part of our agreement with 1st phorm is that we cannot sell any of their products online. You can get exclusive pricing at any of our locations or on the phone at +1 (801)917-5447